Denise Blue tube Insanity Day 31 Max Interval Circuit after the FitTest!! It broke me down people.

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Insanity Day 31 Max Interval Circuit after the FitTest!! It broke me down people.

If thirty hours of what I've described doesn't seem like enough, Borderlands 2 provides plenty of reasons to play it again and again. All four of the classes are a lot of fun to play, and even after you finish the campaign there's always the option to try out Vault Hunter Mode, which is essentially a second playthrough where you get to keep your loot and levels. Even after you hit the of 50 you can fight the game's first four-person raid boss. With the promise of DLC on the horizon, which Gearbox did a great job with the first time around, I know I'll be coming back to Borderlands 2 again. When it comes to what platform you should play on...well, it doesn't really matter all that much. Get Borderlands 2 on PS3, or PC and you'll experience the exact same content. All of them have the same story, the same skill trees and the same minor issues with texture pop-in. During my playthrough bugs would also occasionally pop up. Typiy this involved enemies or objects getting stuck in the world, and in one case this resulted in the need to completely restart a boss fight. Since they happen so randomly, though, it's hard to say whether or not these will occur during your playthrough, or whether they'll even occur on all platforms. Still, they were more than a little annoying, and really broke me out of the experience sometimes. The one thing worth pointing out between the various platforms is how cool Borderlands 2 can look if you have an awesome PC. The PC version allows plenty of tweaks to draw distance, frame rate and more. It also allows Nvidia card users to turn on Physx options, which results in a hell of a lot more particles flying around, realistic liquid physics, and a greater sense of destructible environments. Ultimately I don't feel this is something console gamers will miss, but for those of you with great hardware it's an additional thing to enjoy. Just be warned: it's very, very resource intensive. Overall: AMAZING ------------------------------------------------------------------ It's a very long review. Here is a snippet.



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